Returning the Finepix S2000HD

Wow! another weekend is here. Some more nights of sleep and I will be flying home for a long vacation. I am quite excited about it. I guess, you had already read my title above. I am returning the camera that I ordered in I just mentioned it in my previous post. The reason is, there are articles that were missing in the order. The battery charger and the rechargeable batteries were not delivered until now. I already received the Finepix S2000HD camera last Wednesday. As I opened and checked the box if everything were there, the articles I mentioned were missing. I immediately sent an email the same day I received the camera but what I only got are automated emails. I waited until Friday, that was yesterday but still no right email was replied to my inbox about the status of the missing articles. I decided to call the customer hotline of neckermann and was asking about the status of the missing items but the their customer service representative cannot give me an answer or any info or alternative about the status of the said missing items.

The worst experience I had was when I heard the voice of the customer service representative who named Mario S. to be unfriendly. I burst out to anger and frustration after hearing his bad tone. I believed, I deserve a good and friendly customer service. To make the story short, I will will be returning the said camera this coming Monday. No wonder, I also decided yesterday not to make orders anymore in shopping site. I already had some troubles before in this online shopping site some months ago. I was billed for a printer that was not sent to me. I made a lot of follow-ups both through emails and telephone calls but still it did not worked. Honestly, sometimes I don’t understand about German customer service. Do they really understand what does this means? I am sorry guys but I am just talking about my experiences about customer service in Germany. I am not generally talking that everybody don’t understand customer service in this country but most of my experiences were very frustrating. Is it also one of the reasons why Quelle in Germany went bankrupt now because of bad customer service? I am also a customer of this shopping site and believe me because of the bad customer service that I had also experience, I never ordered to this site anymore. Since this is my blog, I believed I can express all the personal experiences and thoughts that I have. More frustrating shopping experiences to come in my Explore Germany site.

I am also happy that after the bad experience yesterday I was able to find another shopping site that sells electronic and gadgets in a cheaper price compared to Neckermann. Cheers! I am waiting for my new Sony lens camera in a couple of days. Thanks to google and yahoo for giving us a free services for anything that we want to search in the web. Happy weekend to all!


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