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1201 Post the World Wide Web Site

I just noticed that it is past midnight again. I promise to make this post very short. I can’t also imagine that this is my number 1, 201 post in this blog. I had also written some thousands of posts in my other blogs. Imagine how many words and sentences did I already used in […]

59 Tracking Cookies Attacked My Computer

I am thankful that my computer and two other laptops have anti-virus in it. Today, as I was checking my mails, the Anti-virus program popped-up on my screen telling that there are threats running on my PC. It is also telling me that 59 Tracking cookies are trying to attack my computer. What are tracking […]

What is Script: chrome://google-toolbar-lib/content/toolbar.js:76

Hey folks! Here I am again for a short update. I don’t know if anybody out there has the same experience as I am about different scripts that are popping up on computer screens. I am not happy with this because sometimes it slowed down the processing of my pc. I am also not very […]

Hubby Wishes To Retire Earlier

It’s almost midnight again. I don’t have the desire to stay all the time in front of my computer because it is acting weird again. I mean it is processing very slow since Monday. I hope I can find out the reason why this is acting this way now. Anyway, I had a conversation last […]

Trojan Virus in My Computer

I was a bit scared yesterday after finding out that my computer had a Trojan Horse. I was running yesterday my weekly anti-virus scanning and found out that there is Trojan Horse in my computer. Isn’t it scary when your computer might crashed or your data and other personal information will be stolen by a […]

Got Shocked with High Cellphone Bills

This is not really a good experience of mine. We made a new cellphone contract here in Germany last April of this year. The cellphone which is Nokia model 5230 has a lot of applications in it and you can also go online with it because it has wap and internet services. It also has […]

Reminder to Fellow Bloggers Who Want to Make Money Online

Good evening folks! Another weekend is almost coming. I am just sharing this entry as a reminder to fellow bloggers out there who want to make money online. There are a lot of ways on how to make money online. Some of these include writing reviews about a certain products or services, visiting a site […]



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