Current US-Justiz: Moskau willigt in Agentenaustausch ein U.S. scientists discover powerful anti-HIV antibodies

Washington (dpa) – An American research team has discovered two human antibodies, the laboratory more than 90 percent of all HIV strains known to stop in. The proteins with the terms and VRC01 VRC02 neutralize HIV strains more so than any other known antibodies.

The scientists report to John Mascola of the U.S. health research institutions (NIH) “in the journal” Science. The researchers hope to understand the basis of antibody to AIDS infection might be even better and even develop a vaccine can.

“The discovery of this extremely broad neutralizing antibodies (…) is an exciting advance that will accelerate our efforts to develop a preventive HIV vaccine for worldwide use,” said the director of the NIH Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID ) in Bethesda, Anthony S. Fauci.

So far, the search for an HIV vaccine, the main reason has been difficult because the AIDS virus is constantly changing. Therefore, there are numerous HIV variants worldwide. The newly discovered antibodies would “adhere to a virtually unchanging part of the virus, which explains why they” can neutralize an extraordinarily large number of HIV strains, said Mascola, deputy director of the Vaccine Research Center (VRC) at the NIAID.

The researchers isolated the antibodies from the blood of an HIV-infected patients. For this they used a specially modified HIV protein. VRC01 VRC02 block and a docking of the virus, with which it attaches itself to the cell to infect it. Is this CD4-binding site occupied, this prevents the virus from docking to the cell.
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info: this news is written originally in German. I just use Google translation to have it in English.


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