Not Another yahoo Spam Mail

I don’t wonder anymore when I received scam and spam mails in my inbox. I am very much aware that these kind of mails are not true. Last time, I guess last week I received a comment asking me what will happen if she gave all her personal information to scam mails like winning in the lottery. I am not really sure what will happen but I would say that some are victims of the so-called identity theft. What is this? It is when your personal information like name, birthday, phone number or even social security number like in the U.S. are being use in a fraudulent transaction. I heard some people who are victims of this scam, that some people are using their personal information to apply for credit cards. Some end up paying it even though they are not the one who are using the credit cards. For those who have identity theft insurances are lucky being freed from this kind of problem. I remember that my sister in the U.S. has this kind of insurance. I guess she also need to find fire insurance quotes for her the new house that she just bought this year.

Here is again another sample of Yahoo scam mail that I received in my inbox.
Never entertain this kind of mail.



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