Keep Your Teen’s Car Insurance Low

Nothing makes a parent wince more than knowing that their teenager is going to start driving. Teenagers are notorious for getting in accidents with costs that far exceed your cash payday. Rates, for this reason, are typically high with males being charged far more than females for car insurance. There are a few ways to bring the costs down.

Put Them on Your Insurance

If they’ll be driving your car around, you might as well put them on your own insurance. This will keep the cost of the insurance relatively low when compared to buying them a car and then buying the insurance separately. As long as they don’t total your car, you can keep a good rate going until they save up enough for their own car and insurance.

They Really Want Their Own Car

Another option is to buy a car that is very inexpensive in value and that can be fully paid when you drive it off the lot. That way, the value of the insurance costs for the replacement of the car are low too, saving you money. You can buy the insurance separately and keep your own driving record clean.

Get a Value Pack

If you have an insurance company that insures your home, they may give you a discount if you choose to insure your car with them. Adding a driver then will be less expensive, if they’re using your car.

Set Up Some Rules

Make sure your teens know the rules before you let them out on the road. No drinking, talking or texting on the phone while driving. Only one other person in the car with them, not a sardine pack of kids, until they’re more experienced drivers. No speeding or horseplay. Let them know that driving is a privilege that they must earn by showing the proper responsibility towards safety. Don’t be afraid to take away their car if they are endangering themselves or others and put them back to driving your car with you in it as chaperone.


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