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Browsing Online

I need a break when I finish this post. It is not good to set your eyes all the time in front of the computer. Just awhile ago, I was also browsing some images of my friends and former classmates in FB. It is always nice to see them even in the virtual world. Through […]

Flowers in the Wilderness

“Flowers in the wilderness,you are also beautiful.You are also delightful.I always love to see you.For me, you are a true beauty of nature.” -Ruby Benz. taken last summer 2010 as we had a walk in the wilderness.

It’s Party Time

It seems that there are always parties going on every month. Sometimes even every week. Yesteday, we attended again another party. It was not my party but we were only invited to take part in a friend’s birthday party. I really wanted not to eat a lot but the foods were so sumptous and delicious […]

No More Annoying Callers

Finally, all the annoying callers were gone now. After some months of annoyance and irritation with these annoying callers, we finally have a better and peaceful life now. No more calls too early in the morning. No more phone ringing in the late evening. Don’t you also know that these callers are scammmers? Some are […]

The Clock in Nuremberg

I was very curious about this clock tower in Nuremberg, a city in Bavaria, Germany. It sounds very interesting and how it was made. Not so much people might notice this but I did. If you have to look at the very last image here, you can read the words “OPTIKER LEIDIG seit 1853”. It […]

Online Degree or Practicum

Sometimes we just have to choose and make a decision for ourselves. This is especially true if this is for our own good and probably for others too. This week, I was again in the situation where I wanted to decide for myself. I saw this advertisement in a weekly newspaper where a hospital nearby […]

Thorns or Roses

“Some folks see so many thorns,They scarce to see one rose,While others count two blossomsFor every thorn that grows.” -Garrison. the roses from our garden last summer 2010. can’t wait to see them again this coming summer season.

A Friend Looking for Kid’s Toys

It is almost three months now since I met some friends from my home country. We met in Frankurt, Germany last first week of November 2010. I can’t imagine how time passes-by so quickly. We visited some cities near Frankfurt like Heidelberg and Wiesbaden. We also had some sightseeing in Frankfurt. As we were in […]

Snow is Coming Back Again

We had some very nice winter days the past week. There was no snow, the weather was friendly and it was not so cold. We had temperature that is not sub-zero degree and it is just a perfect time to spend a walk outside. Just the other day, the snow came back again. It was […]

Western Union Scam from email add

I don’t know how many of you out there who receive this kind of scam mail about Western Union. Are you familiar with it? There are scammers out there especially in the internet who are using Western Union to fool people and to get money from them. Be very careful, you might be one of […]



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