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Can’t View My Regular Mails In Yahoo

Hello everyone! I guess this is a rant that I will be sharing today. I messed-up my yahoo account yesterday and can no longer view my mails in my regular yahoo inbox. What happened was, I tried to sign-in my yahoo email add to Microsoft Outlook and after doing it, all my mails were transferred […]

Valentine Flowers

I know that Valentine’s Day is over. I am only happy to reminisce it because I have something extra special from hubby. I was surprised as he gave me some red tulips and mon cheri chocolates. These might not be the most expensive presents during Valentine’s Day but what is the most important is its […]

Horoscope and I am upset!

For the first time in history since I have been browsing the net, I stumbled at the horoscope page of my yahoo mail. This is what my horoscope is telling me today. I am only quite confused of what all these mean. It’s also because, I am not on my proper mind of thinking at […]

Seriousness and Discipline

It seems that I am writing very serious this time. After thinking and evaluating it for some weeks, months and even years, I am finally deciding the best for myself. I only need full seriousness and discipline. I already started it two days ago and I will try my best to continue it. It doesn’t […]

Beware of Scammers Online

There are a lot of scammers not only in internet but anywhere around the globe. Last night, this kind of scam below was featured in a German television. There was a woman from Munich who almost commit suicide after being a victim of this so-called scammers or spammers. She lost a lot of money after […]

Yummy Pancit

It’s food talk this time! I love to cook which also means that I love to eat. I admit, that I always have a good appetite especially when I see food in front of me. In fact, I already gained more and more extra pounds now which is not really good. That is also the […]

Hemorrhage Experience

Hemorrhage, commonly known as bleeding is a loss of blood from our body. There are actually classes on this but I suggest that you better consult the experts about it. I had a hemorrhage experience when I was young. I was in the fourth grade that time. The tremendous loss of blood was caused by […]

Remembering Oktoberfest in Munich

2008, 2009 and 2010, these are the years when I visited the most famous and biggest festival in the world, the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. I want to let you know that this year’s celebration will start from September 17 to October 3. Don’t forget to book your flights and hotels earlier. If you will […]

Top Cities to Visit in Australia

I am making a list of my top 3 cities to visit in Australia. It is the smallest continent in the world. I foresee that one day, I will be visiting this part of the globe. Here they are; Sydney When I think and see images of Sydney Opera House, it always reminds me of […]

Cellphone Technology

I am very impressed with this technology. The delevopment of cellphones, also known as mobile phones, cellular phones and sometimes spelled as celfon has truly changed the way of communication by people. Imagine wherever or whenever you are in the every corner of the world, as long as there is a signal, you can make […]



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