Monday Etcetera

Another week is here again. I have to make again some double time to finish all the jobs before I take-off this coming Friday. I have been very busy this morning. I woke-up earlier to do some errands. After I took my tea ceremony, I immediately made me ready to go to the Gemiende or municipal hall to submit the plan for our carports and terrace. I also went to the post office to send a mail.

I went shopping after that. When I stopped at the gas station to fill-up my car, I complained because the gasoline was so expensive. Imagine almost 1.63 Euros per liter?? I can’t do anything because I need gas very badly or else I will be pushing my car.

When I went home, I was a bit pissed-off because the daughter’s neighbor parked her car to our parking area. I don’t really get easily angry but my hunger was making me crazy this noon time. I ended up parking the car on the side of the street and carrying the heavy bags of grocery items inside the house. It did me more effort of carrying which made me more hungry….arrgh! .uh uh!..relax…take care of your!

I don’t understand sometimes why some people are so nonsense. They already know that it is not their area but still they keep on parking there. When I get pissed-off again, I will close our boundary so that they can’t park their car anymore. I guess, hubby is right the neighbors children are blöd! In short st*pid…sorry for the bad word..I don’t really want to say it but what happened this noon time just made me so mad.

I ended up broking my favorite bowl when I was cooking this noon time because I was in a hurry already. I felt better again after eating. I want to eat during lunch time in Mc Donald but I am not really a junk eater. Enough for my rants today, besides I don’t want to raise my blood pressure..wink! . I need to do some more errands now because I will be away for some days starting Friday for a short trip.

Have a lovely day to all!


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