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Spam Mails Again

I received two spam mails in my yahoo inbox yesterday. I was thinking these are another spam mails again. I immediately put it in my spam mails to avoid getting it in the future. Receiving such messages are quite annoying sometimes. The senders don’t even mention the company where they are working. That is also […]

Trying To Lose Weight

Last week, when I was looking at some of my old pictures, I was quite inspired to lose excess pounds. Actually, I had been planning to do this goal some months and even years ago. Last March, I told myself that I really need to lose my excess weight in six months. Does it mean […]

End of The World

Is the world really ending? With all the natural calamities that are happenings in some parts of the world now, some people are saying that it is already the end of the world. It is more than two months now since I watched live over the television the earthquake in Fukushima, Japan last March 11, […]

Not Another One

Good morning everyone! Another week is here again. It seems that my day is starting great plus the sunshine outside adds more energy to my body. Last Wednesday, when I woke up in the morning, I noticed that there was a big sore on my right chin. It was another adult acne again. I said […]

Overlooking Cebu City

Just taking a break from all those words here. I am sharing an image of Cebu City in the Philippines. If you are on top of Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills, you will surely see this view. It’s been a year since my last vacation in this city. I miss it! view of Cebu City […]

The Importance of Progesterone and Testosterone

I am trying to remember science terms at the moment. If women have progesterone, men also have testosterone. Most of us know the importance of these two hormones in both male and female body. Testosterone is very important in the development of of male reproductive tissues. It is very important for the health and well-being […]

OMG.. Look What THIS Kid Did to His School After Being Expelled-Spam in Facebook!

Beware of the “OMG.. Look What THIS Kid Did to His School After Being Expelled!” in Facebook. This is a spam! I am just reminding all my facebook friends and all facebookers to be aware of this message that is proliferating now in Facebook. Some of your account might got hacked already. I received a […]

Jobless But Happy

Jobless but happy? I believed this doesn’t sounds good for those people who are jobless and are still looking for jobs at the moment. With the economic and financial crisis that hit America in 2008, which also made a domino effect to the whole world until now, looking for a certain job is sometimes quite […]

Blogger Buzz: Blogger is back

Blogger Buzz: Blogger is back

Blogger Is Back

Blogger is finally back! It is almost a whole day since blogger was unavailable. I am happy that is back again but not really 100%. I was able to post some articles in my other blogs yesterday. Sad to say, I can’t still find those posts inspite being posted yesterday. I am quite worried about […]



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