End of The World

Is the world really ending? With all the natural calamities that are happenings in some parts of the world now, some people are saying that it is already the end of the world. It is more than two months now since I watched live over the television the earthquake in Fukushima, Japan last March 11, 2011. It looked like I was watching a film that time but it is true. I believed it is just a reminder that what we do to our Mother Nature always boomerangs to us. Let’s start caring for our Mother Earth! It’s not yet too late.

Here is another news I read about Doomsday online.

When Doomsday Isn’t, Believers Struggle to Cope

If you’re reading this, Harold Camping’s predictions that the end of the world would start Saturday (May 21) failed to pan out.

That’s good news for most of us, but Camping and his followers were looking forward to the end. After all, they believed that they were likely to be among the 200 million souls sent to live in paradise forever. So how do believers cope when their doomsday predictions fail?

It depends, said Lorenzo DiTommaso, a professor of religion at Concordia University in Montreal who studies the history of doomsday predictions.

“If you have a strong leader, the group survives,” DiTommaso told LiveScience. “Sometimes the group falls apart. Most often, the answer given by the group is that the prophecy is true, but the interpretation was wrong.”

Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer,
Sat May 21, 10:31 pm ET



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