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Annoying Mail from

I received this annoying mail in my inbox today. What I did was, I immediately pressed SPAM since this mail is really nonsense. I also copied and pasted here some parts of its header to identify where did it came from. I also put XXXX to hide my email address. Continue reading below; HEADER OF […]

Paypal Security Scam from email add:

Beware Paypal account holders! Some of you might received this so-called “Paypal Security” mail. This is a spam or scam mail and never ever entertain it. Below is the body of the mail which I just copied and pasted here. Normally if you click “Click here to resolve the problem”, you will be redirected to […]

GPS is Important When Driving Anywhere

Global Positioning System also know for short as GPS is a very helpful device when traveling. We already tried using it when traveling in Europe and it truly help. There are different kinds of GPS brands in the market. Some brands include Tomtom, Navigon, Garmin and what else? These are only the ones that I […]

Service Unavailable, Error 503 in Blogger

I encountered this problems for a lot of times since the past days. Whether I am uploading images in my blog or posting the articles that needs to be posted, this error 503 Service Unavailable is always appearing. What I do when I encounter is simply to try and try again until I am successful. […]

Need One in Our Garden

It rained again tonight. That is very good for our garden. The plants and the flowers are happy again. It is an advantage for me because I will not water them tomorrow. Besides rainwater is always better as as water coming from the pipes. Next year, we are planning to buy one of those stainless […]

Letter Out of the Blue! Is this a scam??

There are different kinds of scam that are proliferating in the internet now. That is also the reason why I don’t always entertain strange mails especially coming from persons I don’t know. Last month, I received an email about a certain job opportunity. Before I put it in my spam folder, I copied it in […]

Special Day Coming Soon

Another weekend is here! My special day is also coming very soon. Some more weeks and I will be turning older again. It’s not really a big deal for me because as what I always believed it is only the age that is getting higher. As long as I always feel young and happy, those […]

Cannot Install Google Toolbar with Mozilla Firefox 5 Browser

I already tried it many times but still I cannot install google toolbar in my new Mozilla Firefox 5 browser. I installed this browser last week and I noticed that my google toolbar was gone because it says that it is not compatible with Firefox 5 browser. I guessed google toolbar is still not updated […]

It’s Not Easy

Good evening everybody! Today is truly TGIF for me! Thanks God Its Friday! I am just sharing a bit personal thing here. I have a lot of dreams and wishes in life. Besides such things are free and sometimes those dreams and wishes are coming true sooner or later. One of my wishes is to […]



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