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Travel Insurance

Our vacation to Turkey is coming soon. There are still some things that I need to prepare before the trip. I am partially done with packing and will finish it anytime tonight. I almost forgot to get a travel insurance since Turkey is not included in the European Union. I called ADAC and it was […]

Spam Mail from Email Add

Sometimes yahoo users received notification regarding some changes of their system. Be very careful about it because there are a lot of spammers and scammers out there who are sending the same messages. I received one today and immediately put it in my spam mail. Besides yahoo will never ask your personal information and password. […]

No More Loans this Year

Living a simple but quite happy and contented life is what we are having right now. We don’t drive Mercedez or BMW but we have cars to drive anytime and anywhere we need it. We have a small stone house and I believed it is already enough for us. As much as possible we don’t […]

FINAL NOTICE: Delicious has a new owner

I received an email today from Yahoo telling that Delicious has a new owner. A part of the message says below. I wanted to sign-in as I was redirected to the link sent by yahoo in my inbox. The problem is, I already forgot my sign-in and password in this network. I will see if […]

See You Soon Turkey!

I am slowly packing for a short trip to Turkey starting next week. As part of the preparation, I already checked a lot of things for this trip. This morning, I already called ADAC for a travel insurance. I also checked the different places that we will be visiting in Turkey. I am quite excited […]

Where are my Photo Albums in Friendster?

I believed some of you are members of friendster, a social network online. It has been a long time, I guess almost a half year now, since the last time I logged-in in this network. I had the chance to check it yesterday. I want to check some personal photos in my albums but to […]

Our Kitchen Floor

It needs to be replaced soon. Our kitchen floor especially in the cooking area is getting slowly damaged. It is due to our defect faucet. We did not noticed immediately that our faucet continues to drop water until one morning the kitchen floor got so wet. It is made of wood and get slowly damaged. […]


This is surely a scam/spam mail again. Press spam immediately when you received this kind of mail. I just received one today and immediately put it to my Spam folder. Never entertain this kind of scam in the internet. Below is the body of the mail and its full header. From: AWARD BOARD Wednesday, […]

Something to Give

I just remember that today is the first day of September. Oh yes, the BER months are slowly coming. I just want to say goodbye great month of August and hoping again for another wonderful month of September. I just remember that next month will also be our 8th wedding anniversary. I can’t believed that […]

Updated My Firefox Browser to 6.0 Version

Oh Yes, Mozilla Firefox has again another version of its browser. I just updated its latest version which is Firefox 6.0 last Monday. Yesterday, there was a message that popped-up on my screen that says, ther is again another 6.01 version. When I opened my computer this morning, I opted to install again this latest […]



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