Need A New External Hard Drive

I felt sad for a friend whose external hard drive won’t function anymore. They stored a lot of movies and some vacation photos in it. That is really sad. If I were that, I would already roll on the floor and cry. Just kidding folks.

Anyway, this is also the reason why I am needing another external hard drive again. I already have three but the two are almost full. Most of the files I have there are photos from my vacation since 2007 and other important documents and data. I always see to it that I saved important data and photos on two external hard drives. The first one I bought last 2007 was 400 Gigabytes and it has only 5 G free now. The second one is 1000 Gigabytes and there are only 10G left. The one that I bought last year is 1.5 Terabyte (1500 G). It is half full now.

I am looking since last week a cheaper and affordable EHD in the internet but it seems that it is quite expensive. I was even bidding in Ebay but I just can’t always monitor it. Besides I am not quite sure if Ebay sellers are also giving warranty or guarantee. I am also watching for different advertisement flyers that were sent to us from time to time. I am still not in a hurry to buyit but the earlier the better. Once I will see a good and cheaper one, I will immediately secure one.

I wish you all a blessed New Year! Time just runs so fast nowadays.



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