Lottery Scam from Email Add:

Did you ever happen to receive such  emails like the one  I have below?  Would  you believe it if you happen to receive one?  Always remember scammers and spammers are loitering  in the internet.  This one was lucky to land in my inbox and it  should normally be in my spam  box.  I immediately put it in my spam folder and I would like to warn everyone who happen to read this post, ” NEVER EVER ENTERTAIN  THESE KIND OF MAILS”.  These are scams and are fraudulent ones.


Below is the body of the scam mail that I received today.

“From: Super Lotto 649
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2012 7:05 AM
Subject: Your email address has just won you $1,500,000.00

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your email address won in the first category of
online SuperLotto 649. This is a Millennium Internet Game in which
e-mail addresses were used. You did not purchase any ticket to enter
for it, as an internet user your email address was randomly selected and
you are one of the Selected Winners among 10 winners worldwide.
Winning No: 10 20 5 1 14 26, Ref Number: 19M3178BDAMOUNT5F Batch Number 05/DJKL.
The numbers fall within the American,European & Australian Location file, AMOUNT WON:
$1,500,000.00. Contact Mr. George Tambo with your winning numbers
Reference numbers
Mr. George Tambo Email:”


One Response to “Lottery Scam from Email Add:”

  1. chris Says:

    hahaa you and i must be one of the lucky 10 🙂 i had the exact same numbers ahhaaa

    i also recieved emails from a dr dim Michae
    a one Ali Musa both have 14,000,000 in a bank from some dead business man that is overdue with no known relatives and want to give me 40% whilst they keep 55% and they both will give 5% to charities including and i quote “while Motherless Babies homes, disabled helpless”

    and also and i say ALSO what seems like a marriage proposal from one Lora Abdul 🙂

    all in a 2 day period,,,,

    first time in a while i have recieved GREAT oppurtunities like this i mean with 12.7 mil in my account a wife and feel good for helping motheless babies and disabled helpless (hint the sarcasm during the last paragraph) 🙂

    kind regards



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