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December 21, 2012- End of the World?

Hello lovely people  of this world! We are still alive ! Yes, we are! The world  did not come to an end. I did not believed this when I heard it some months ago.  I heard from some people  saying that they  must be ready when this day will come. Some are  even storing a […]

Create Your Custom Product Brochures

I visited last time a friend who planned to open a bar-restaurant. She showed me the area where she will be opening her new business. She also asked for suggestions on how to promote her products and services. I am not quite an expert about this matter but since I had previous experiences with marketing […]

Early Christmas Party

It was a lovely and memorable party we had. Our friend invited us for her early Christmas party. She told us that if we will not come to her party, she will not host it. She invited a lot of her friends but only some showed up. Even though it was only five of us […]

Christmas Songs On The Air

17 days more to go and it will be Christmas! This morning when I was taking my tea, I was also listening to the radio. Suddenly, after some songs, a Christmas hymn was played. It reminds me of home again. It’s been three years now since the last time I celebrated Christmas in my home […]

Trying My Luck Again

Good morning peeps! Today is the first Friday of the month of December 2012. It seems that Christmas is getting near. Are you ready with it? I guess I am! Yesterday, when I went grocery shopping, I stopped by again at Edeka, a grocery store where you can also play lottery. I am trying my […]

Going To School Again?

This is already a very long time plan but still did not materialized. I always wanted to go back to school and learn some courses about photography, journalism, languages, information technology or any related computer courses. I guess I am not too old to do it and start all over again. If I only live […]

Ordered Another Camera

This one good thing with online shopping. If your subscribe with a shopping site and they send you special offers or items on sale, sometimes you just can’t say no. This is true especially if the item you buy is the one you always use in your hobby. This is also the reason why I […]



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