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What do you need when you want to type a website URL in your computer? I believed most computer users know about this. Another question is, What web browser are you using in your computer? I am actually using Mozilla Firefox or simply Firefox for a decade now. I am currently using the newest version which is thew FF 18. This afternoon I noticed that that the Alexa Toolbar in my laptop is no longer available. When I searched about it in the internet, I found out that Firefox 18 does not allow Alexa toolbar anymore. I am a blogger and for sure, I need to use Alexa Toolbar.

I previously used Internet Explorer or IE. Since I have a good experience with Firefox, I am loving this browser. Since FF is no longer supporting Alexa toolbar, I ended up downloading Internet Explorer in my laptop today. I tried using it for some hours but I am not so comfortable with it. I believed it is also a good browser since a lot of my friends are using it.

I tried to ask some blogger friends which browser is the best or the better. Most of them told me that Google Chrome is the fastest and the better one. I ended up using Google Chrome now. I am still not comfortable with it and I will see if I will be used to it in a couple of days. I also downloaded Alexa Toolbar and it worked. This afternoon, I tried to download AT in my Firefox browser but it did not go through. After browsing the net, I knew the reason why AT can no longer be downloaded in a Firefox browser.

I believed I will slowly get use with Chrome. I just need some more days before I will be comfortable with it.

There are also other browsers that are available on the net. Opera, Safari, Rocket Melt, Flock, Torch and other browsers are available to use. So far, I only tried Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.


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