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Midnight Snack

Weekend is almost over! I  did not noticed the passing of time and now it is almost midnight when I am writing this post. I went down to the kitchen awhile ago because I felt hungry. I only ate some healthy chips and a glass of water. I don’t really drink sodas unless when I […]

A Traveller like me Needs A Passport Holder

I love love love to travel! In 11 days, I will be travelling again. This time I will visit Italy, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. One very important travel document we must bring with us is our passport. This is especially true if we are travelling abroad. That is why I need a passport wallet at […]

My External Hard Drive

I guess, I need again another external hard drive. The ones I have are almost full again. The last one I bought  named My Passport only have around 200 gigabytes free out of  a thousand gigabytes or one terabytes.  I am actually window shopping for this since last month. When I will see one external […]

Tin Wedding Anniversary

This years marks a milestone for me! I will be celebrating my Ruby birthday. My TIN wedding anniversary also calls for a celebration. I can’t believe that I am already married for a decade now. Thanks God for giving me a wonderful, loving, kind and responsible husband. Since this year is special, I guess it […]

Graduation Gift for Sister

Sis is graduating very soon!  She is a second courser and will graduate in April this year. She is taking Nursing and  will be the soon to be third Nurse in the family.  Her first course was Information Technology and  glad that she will make it soon to be a  nurse. For her accomplishment, I […]

Thinking of Starting Yoga

I was watching a documentation on television last week. It was all about yoga and how it started. The film was documented in India where Yoga said to originate. I also found this form of meditation and exercise very interesting, the reason why I bought yoga products like a DVD, a yoga mat, and pants. […]

Trojan Virus on My PC

I was scanning my laptop last night with Comodo antivirus.  I left it overnight so that it will be  fully scanned. Since I have a lot of files in my lappy, it took so long for the anti-virus software to scan it. When I left my lappy on, it will automatically turn-off so the scanning […]



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