Trojan Virus on My PC

I was scanning my laptop last night with Comodo antivirus.  I left it overnight so that it will be  fully scanned. Since I have a lot of files in my lappy, it took so long for the anti-virus software to scan it. When I left my lappy on, it will automatically turn-off so the scanning was not able to finish.  When  I woke-up this morning, it popped-up that  there is a trojan virus in my PC. I was quite scared when I saw that my laptop was attacked with Trojan virus. The name of the virus is TrojWare.JS.Agent.EA@291676886.  I need to install this week a good anti-virus software. Comodo is good but since it is a free anti-virus software the protection is  only limited.  We are paying every month for anti-virus but I still did not download it in my laptop. I want to do the the soonest possible time. Maybe tomorrow.

Here are the screenshots I  made when I did the scanning.




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  1. Diego Tardy Says:

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