Shifting Job from Banker to ???

I do miss my job at the bank before.  It is over a decade now since I  resigned  from  the bank. I felt honored having been working in one of the most prestigious and biggest bank in my home country.  It is history now and I am glad everytime I remember the fun and memories and the  many challenging roles  I  played at the bank before.

I  was  always flexible that time,  being rotated to the many positions  from New Accounts clerk  to  Time Deposit clerk,  Loans  and Discounts clerk,  Teller and the last one was being assigned as Branch Operation Assistant. It was indeed a challenging  role but sad to say, I have to leave  it to start a new life as an expat in Europe.

Living in Europe for over 10 years now, I learned a lot from life.  After some months, I was accepted as shift supervisor in one of the stores in the US base. After almost three years, I guessed it was enough and I started  a new role…working at home..

I have been traveling  since 2007 and visited over 30 countries worldwide. I earned a bit money which I used to finance my travel.  Traveling is indeed my passion and I want to keep doing it when finances are available.

Being a banker and accountant for almost 9 years, I  already have enough  knowledge about financial management.   The reason, why I was able to made a human investment, sending 5 of my siblings to college to get a degree and  they were all successful. I also built a retirement home in my home country. I live in our  own little home but is debt-free. I don’t drive a luxurious car but it is enough to bring me to many places.

For  now,  I am quite contented with my life being a work at home individual and as a travel blogger.

Sad to say, I am still looking for something in which I can use my talents and capabilities. I believed I do  have a lot and I have to discover it as soon as I can. I am an adventurer, not in terms of climbing the highest mountain but in some aspects that will help  me grow as an individual.

Honestly, I am quite confused now whether to go back to university again, learn a  practicum or maybe get a  job.  An opportunity knocked on my door yesterday to try a new job.  I am still not 100% if I am taking it or not. It is not really related to my job experience and degree but it  is very related to one of my  hobbies.

Tomorrow, I will  try  this new job.  I will be given a day to  observe and learn it. I believed I will like it since it will give me the opportunity to learn new and discover  things.  This will be another challenge and I will see what will be the result of my  observation and learning  tomorrow.

Crossing my fingers for this new role…Wish me luck and goodnight!


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