So Many Things to Do

Here I am again! It seems that the time flies so fast now. Imagine we are almost on the middle of the month  of August.   I hope you are having a nice one.  I can’t complain so far! Life is short and  I want to savour  each moment..lolz! Besides I am happy  because I am having a new year in my life again.

After my birthday cruise trip, I am finally back to reality now. I am quite busy the past days doing many offline things. There are a lot of tasks to finish this month. At the moment, I am currently downloading the images I took from my recent  travel.  I have 8 SD cards to download. Not a lot huh?

Today, I did some clean-up. I have to  clean the mess I am making at home. yay! I simply need to arrange and clean all these stuffs. Some books and souvenirs from my travels are scattering in my computer room. I want to clean this up tomorrow. I already started the living room this afternoon. I am still not done because I still have to change the curtains and do the  dusting and vacuuming  tomorrow.

At around 8:00 PM, I also watered the plants in  our garden. After  eating dinner, I cleaned up the dishes. While watching television, I was folding some clothes. Wow, such a busy homebody.

I guess, there will be no more travels  for this month. There might be some day trips  to happen when friends will invite me again to be their travel escort..lolz!  One of the SD cards I am downloading at the moment is I have to do the rest and clean and format all of it tonight. I just want  it all ready for the next trip. Hmmm? Yes, there will another trip  to come next month.  For now,  the places will be kept in secret. Feel free to browse some of my travels here.

I am hoping that the rest of August will be a blissful and enjoyable one for all of us! Take care folks!


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