Car Accident Happened So Fast!

Thanks God it was not really that bad. Sometimes it happened and accidents happen so fast that after it happened, we will just ask, how did it happened!  Quite complicated huh? so here is the story…

The rain was pouring when I was driving out from our patio/garage. I call it patio /garage because we  built it with that purpose. It was 10:00 in the morning. After  taking my  daily morning routine which is  drinking a cup of green tea paired with toasted bread with honey on top,  sometimes a coffee but very seldom,  I immediately dressed-up hurriedly. If I probably made it slower, that accident won’t happened.

There are many old streets in Europe that are so narrow and so as the  town  I am currently living. After driving around 500 meters away from home, the car accident happened.  There is this so-called dangerous curve in this area. I already heard  some drivers having accident here. In my case, it was different. I  am always careful in driving here. In fact, I even drive so slowly when passing  that curve.

After around 5 meters from the curve, there was another car approaching.  I noticed that he is driving so near to my car.  In a blick of an eye, bang!  It happened so fast. I stopped and took a look if something in my car  is damaged.  The side mirror in the driver’s side was pull-out from its protective case.  Thanks God it was not broken.

After some minutes, the guy was nowhere to be seen. I thought he flew away but  he just detoured  and parked  his car near a store.  I approached him and asked  me if everything is fine.  Thanks God, I am  perfectly doing good. He also asked if something is damaged in my car. I told him,  not really. Wow, my dear  Darcy, the name of my car,  is still good and nothing really bad happened.

I asked him about his car and he told  and showed to me the damaged. The driver’s side mirror was  broken. I told him, it was not my fault because he was the one driving to my  side.  I also told him that I already drive this street over a thousand times, that is why I am always careful  when  passing-by this dangerous curve.

He asked  me, “what will we  do now?”;  I told him I’m sorry about your mirror but I am not paying it because it was not fault.  He admitted that it was his fault and  he said that he needed a new side mirror and will buy a new one and have it fixed  as soon as possible.

If something really happened too bad in my car,  I also don’t have to worry  because we have a car insurance for that. The worst thing that would happen is, if I am the  one that is damaged. Thanks God, I am  still alive and kicking and so thankful that I went home safe after my grocery shopping today.

Just a reminder, drive safely and be very careful. Take care everyone!


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