Slowyly Cleaning Again my SD Cards for the Next Trip

Goo day everyone! The sun is shining  and I believed this will be a great day!  I just hope that the weather will be more friendly  the next coming days. The past two weeks was quite cold. Oh well, typical weather during autumn or fall season.   We have been turning on our heater for a week now since it is slowly getting cold inside  our home.

Back to the main topic.. I will be slowly cleaning and formatting my  SD  cards for next trip. I have 10 SD cards in front of me  waiting to be formatted.  I usually use one SD  card for a camera in a day. I am making it sure that  if for  some reasons,  the  SD card  is corrupted, not all pictures from  the whole trip are damaged or  lost. It already happened to me during our trip to Turkey last 2011 when an SD card was corrupted and  I lost all the  pictures in that card. I was so glad that I have  another camera where I also took some photos in that place in Turkey. I guess, it was in Izmir.

Now, I actually bring with me 4 cameras when I travel. One DSLR and the rest are pocket digital cameras. I just want to make it sure that I have all photos from the trip. I learned these things because it already happened before.  Better be sure and ready than sorry! That is one thing I believed now.

I am glad that I will be out for a trip again. I am  quite excited.  This year is so far a wonderful year especially for my travels. Every month, I am always out  somewhere to see places. I am so thankful about it.

This time, I am heading to Toskana or Tuscany in Italy. I have been to many places and cities in Italy but this is the first time I will be visiting  this region. Thanks Goodness for all of these opportunities to travel. Please  always bring me home safe!

Have a wonderful weekend to all!


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