Family guide to moving interstate

Moving interstate with children and a family household is significantly different than simply moving a few blocks across town, even across state. Preparing for an interstate move often involves more detail and complexities than more limited moves.

Tips and considerations for moving interstate

Moving to a different state and into a purchased home is an important step for a family. Unless it is possible to visit the new location beforehand to do some research to find the right house, or to retain a real estate agent to act as a proxy for doing that, it may be worth considering renting a home or apartment before buying. Particularly when children are involved, it is vital to find the right neighborhood that is as safe as possible, convenient to schools and playgrounds, and suits the needs of the entire family.

Moving long-distance means the potential for damage to furniture and personal items is increased, so protecting them with proper packing materials is very important. Properly labeling boxes and items is also important; be sure to indicate whether items are breakable or fragile, as well as what room in the house they should be placed in. If the rental route is the one being taken, a storage unit for some items may be a good idea. Many are now climate-controlled; ; Tucson storage units , for example, are built to protect valuables from the effects of the Arizona heat, while storage units up north will protect from moisture and the elements.

Coping with an out-of-state move

The physical move is only part of the process; there are also the psychological and emotional aspects of relocating to a new environment. Stress will be a big part of the process in one form or another, whether because of the actual moving elements or because of the distance created between friends, family and familiar places.

For children, the process of relocation and adaptation in a new environment will be disorienting. The change from a familiar room, home and neighborhood to an entirely new one, as well as the prospect of going to a new school and making new friends can be frightening for them. Take the time, even during hectic times, to talk to and listen to the children when they have opinions or comments. Even if they do not like the idea of moving or have a negative view of other elements of the process, it is important to let them know that their opinions matter and that communication should always be open.

Involving the children in the moving process from the beginning can help make the adjustment easier. The simple act of packing up their own personal items in their rooms can help kids feel more confident about transporting their treasured possessions. It also gives them a chance to pack up a personal bag or box to take along, perhaps with some most-treasured items as well as things to read or do on the trip. In addition to giving them things to do on the journey, having these items along gives children something to immediately put into their new room when they arrive, making it less strange and more their own, right from the beginning.


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