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Another week of the month is here! The weather gets colder everyday in this part of the world where I am living! The days also get shorter and the nights get longer. Truly some of the signs of autumn or fall season.

Let me just share you something about the TV program I watch this morning. Before that, let me ask you this; Are you doing something while watching television or just simply sitting  down and do nothing? It depends on what the program is,  but most of the times, I am doing something while watching TV.

This morning, I was watching a true to life TV program while folding dry clothes. It was about a 19 year old lady who just gave birth to a baby. She has quite a difficult  life after being involved in a relationship where she will never have the chance to improve her life. She was badly in love with a so-called “bad guy” who made her pregnant. That guy truly ruined her life because he pushed her into prostitution and drug addiction. She was brought at the drug addiction treatment center and was healed after  some months.

After that treatment, she realized that this guy truly ruined her life and promised herself to start a new one especially after giving birth to a baby girl. A 19 year-old, young mother, jobless, was not able to finish her studies or job training, she regret what she did to her life and now want to start a new one. Thanks to her parents who helped her and are always there to start a new life.

It was quite a very interesting movie. I was hoping that a lot of young people saw that movie this morning so that they will realize how hard it is to enter that kind of life.


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