Euro Versus US Dollar

Let’s talk about money and currency exchange rates  this time.  I have to take a look at this sometimes especially if I have  little amount in my paypal and want  to convert US dollar currency to Euros.  I guess paypal conversion is quite lower compared to other conversion sites like

I am not quite sure if Euro currency is getting higher compared to US dollar. I have been comparing its exchange rate from US dollar to Euros the past days.   Today, I found out these exchanges rates between these two currencies.

Paypal  Exchange Rates as of today:

1,33 USD (1 EUR = 1,33560  USD)
0,71 EUR (1 USD = 0,710822  EUR)

Paypal previous exchange rates dated Feb. 1, 2014.
1 U.S. Dollar = 0,7219 Euros conversion rate as of today:

1.00 EUR = 1.37122 USD
1 USD = 0.729276 EUR

I am still deciding if I will be converting my US dollars to Euro. If I convert a hundred dollar to Euro, it only  cost  71.08 EUR.  When I exchanged  it during the first week of February it was valued to 72.19 Euros.  I did look again in my paypal account and decided to convert it. After that, I withdrew it immediately.  In 2-3 days, I will receive it in my savings account. Better safe than sorry. I heard some blogger friends whose paypal account were hacked.  Good to know that they don’t have any money in it.

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