Not So Happy With my Chrome Browser

I have been  using  Google Chrome  since December 2013. I was forced to use it since I had  a bit problem  with the setting of my Mozilla Firefox  browser.  Microsoft Internet  Explorer  is also a good browser but I  am not using it. During my first week of using the Chrome, it works good but since last month, I already had a problem with it. It keeps on crashing and I have difficulties in opening a link.  It takes a very long time for a site to process and most of the time  a site freezes when I open it.  

I asked some blogger friends if they have good experience with Chrome. Most of them don’t like it as well. Some of them said,  it is find for their web browsing activities.  Since I am  really a user of Mozilla  Firefox browser,  I was hoping that I can use it again. For some Chrome might be the best browser but for me, I guess it is not considering my browsing  experience using it.

Google Chrome might  be a good browser but I guess it just don’t fit for me and my laptop. I was loving it since the first days I used  it but since I am having problems with it, I decide to go back again to Mozilla Firefox. Thanks Google Chrome  for your free services. I am not really happy but I have to let you go. For now, I  did not uninstall it in my laptop. One day, I might be changing my mind and might use it again.

I am temporarily saying goodbye to Google  Chrome and saying hello  again to Mozilla Firefox.

Happy browsing everyone!


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