Taking Care of SD Cards

I just  remember that today is already the last day  of February. I believe February is a fine one for me. As usual, there were  challenges  during the past weeks but I am thankful that everything was taken  care of.

Let me go back  to may main topic about SD  Cards. I know all of you who use digital cameras,  GPS, mobile phones and other  gadgets or electronics that require it,  are using these .I want to share to you on how to properly take care of you SD cards. I know it is very important  whether you are storing it for your photos, videos or other files and documents.

An  SD stands for Secure Digital. It is a non-volatile memory card format for use in portable devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, GPS navigation devices, and tablet computers. Here are some tips on how to take it of it.

1. Have you encountered  using an SD card saying about error messages? If you do so, you better stop using it immediately. If you use it, your photos might be override with the new ones that you are taking. There are recovery tools or services to restore these images.

2. Reformat your SD card from time to time. This is what I did this afternoon. After transferring all the images to my laptop and external hardware, I reformatted it for future use.

3. Keep your SD cards away from moist and dust. It is advisable that you keep it in a SD card case, box or protector.

4. Better bring more SD cards especially if you love taking pictures while on holiday. This is what I do when I travel. I love taking pictures and I do not use the same SD card on the same day. You never know when one SD card got a problem or will be corrupted. You still have the other ones for your images taken on different days. As of now, I have 15 SD cards and always bring all when I travel.

5. If your camera is on, never ever remove your SD card to voltage shock. Better stay on the safe side.

6. Don’t just remove your SD card in your computer or card reader. It is always advisable to remove them properly by clicking SAFELY REMOVE HARDWARE or EJECT.

7. Are you fun of deleting images in your camera? That is not really a good habit. Removing images directly on your SD card while it’s inside your digital camera will just deteriorate its efficiency. This is what I mentioned to this lady who sat beside me when I traveled to Italy last year. She was quite shock and told me that she will never do it again.

So far, I  only had one problem about SD card when I had  a vacation in Turkey in  2011. My camera   screen flashed a message saying, SD card error. I immediately remove it from my camera and used another SD  card.  I did not recovered the pictures I had in that SD card because I also had a second camera with almost the same images.


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