A Perfect Gadget for a Traveler Like Me

I can’t imagine that I will be traveling again soon! Luggage are partially packed. I will finalized everything on Monday and will make it sure that I have all the things I needed especially my travel gadgets. I have been  very busy the past days preparing for this great travel in Asia. I will be finally seeing my family, relatives and friends soon. After a long time of not visiting my homeland, this time,  I will finally do it!

Of course included in my two check-in luggage are personal stuffs from undies to clothing, shoes, slippers, women’s beauty stuffs and other personal belongings. One luggage also contains gifts and presents. I am quite sad because I cannot bring packed everything in my luggage. I guess, I bought a lot of presents.

One of the most important things I need to bring in this 6-week holiday in Asia are my travel gadgets. Among the few ones are my cameras, a cellphone, Iphone, notebook, SD cards, extra batteries for cameras  and external hard drive. I would love to have any of these  iridium satellite phones because anywhere around the globe, you can have connections and communications.

A company that offers this kind of technology is Iridium Communications Inc. They offer sat phone plans that best fit your needs and budget. If I have a lot of money and travel very often to remote areas, I would surely get one of their packages.  The only great thing with this  satellite phone is that, you can have a global connection to voice, fax, data and SMS services providing a variety of communication methods in remote areas. Whether you are stranded in an island, cruising anywherein the ocean, in the Polar region, in a forest or any remotes areas, these satellite phone will help you connect anywhere.

This should be a perfect gadget for a traveler like me but due to  limited finances, I just can’t afford it. I will see in the future if I can  own one of these satellite phones.  I am amazed  by  the technology of this phone!


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