Lenovo G505s Won’t Turn-On and Not Booting Up

I am already happy and contented with  my new Lenovo G505s until this problem arised. I bought it sometime  in December 2013 here in Germany.  It has Windows 8 system which I quite find complicated. I  even had  difficulty using this Lenovo  notebook with this system  during my   first weeks but thanks goodness, now I am quite familiar with it now. This system is quite complicated.  I love better  using computers or laptops with  windows XP and window 7  programs. These programs are very user-friendly compared with Windows 8 which is quite complicated.

Last Tuesday night   April 2, 2014, when I was already turning-off my Lenovo, I was wondering because it took too long before it turned-off. The next day when I was turning it on, it won’t work anymore.  I just saw the Lenovo sign on the  screen and after that,  I don’t see anything anymore on its screen.  After around 15 minutes, I tried to press the  turn-on and off button and waited  for some minutes to turn it on again.

I never had this problem for over  three months of using it.In fact,  I was happy using it for the  first three months  because it really processes so fast like loading a website. Until this  booting problem arises starting  last Tuesday, I am quite disappointed about it.

I   unplugged the cable and decided to turn it on again  after some minutes pause. Again, the same problem happened. I turned it off again.  After  that, I decided to press  the ONEKEY RECOVERY.  It opted me to select the  options given on the screen and I press “system recovery”.  It did worked and after around 20 minutes,  Lenovo worked again.

Since Wednesday, I actually have the same  problem. It took forever when I will turn it on and off. I did the same thing in turning it on, pressing the  ONEKEY RECOVERY, or else, the notebook won’t start. I am just disappointed  because it always take forever to turn it on and off until now, the time I am writing this post. Today, I even waited almost an hour until it turned-on. I am really disappointed.

Normally, it only take a minute or even less than a minutes  to turn- on and turn-off  this Lenovo G505s but now, I have the same problem everyday. I tried to  google  information to find  solutions  for   this problem and did visited  the Lenovo forums  in this URL, http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/T400-T500-and-newer-T-series/Lenovo-T430-Screen-Won-t-Turn-On-and-not-booting-up/td-p/1395489.

I am trying to find Lenovo support near our area. In their site, I found this support URL,  http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/feedback/contactsupport.page?

I wish,  I am a computer expert but I  am not. I know how to turn-on and off all  my notebooks but now I even have a problem with this Lenovo.

I tried to find service provider in our area and found out that there are some of them. I will try to contact one of these service provider on Monday and I hope I can have some help from them.  I also hope that they can speak English, so  it is easier for me to explain about  the problem of  my Lenovo G505s

Here are the list;

1. MR Datentechnik Vertriebs- und Service GmbH
Osterhofener Str. 11
Regensburg, 000, 93055
Tel: ‘+0941307640’

2. SanData EDV-Systemhaus GmbH (Sandata)
Dr.-Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 9
Wettstetten/Ingolstadt, 000, 85139
Tel: 0841 / 96812-0

3. SanData EDV-Systemhaus GmbH (Sandata)
Emmericher Straße 17
Nürnberg, 000, 90411
Tel: 0911 / 9523-0

4. MR Datentechnik Vertriebs- und Service GmbH
Emmericher Straße 13
Nürnberg, BY, 90411
Tel: 0911 / 52147-0

I hope this problem will be fixed so soon before I will fly for a long holiday to Asia starting  the third week of April 2014. Crossing my fingers.


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