Five Steps for a Successful SEO Campaign

SEO trends are ever changing, and business owners may feel like it is difficult for them to keep on top. While it may seem overwhelming for professionals to do what it takes to get sites ranked, it does not have to be difficult. Brent Franson and other digital media experts usually recommend these five steps for a successful SEO campaign that can be implemented easily.

Keyword Research

The first step to a successful search engine optimization campaign is to conduct keyword research. It is critical to know what prospects are searching for when they are looking for various products and services. Keyword research tools, like WordTracker and the Google Adwords tool, will allow companies to see which keywords are being used in relation to their specific niche. Keyword research tools will also enable SEO professionals to see how the competition looks for each keyword so that they can judge which keywords will achieve the fastest ranking. Longer keywords from two to five words long that are not quite as competitive are easiest to rank.

Use Metatags

Many people say that metatags are dead and useless, but people possessing this train of thought obviously do not realize the benefit metatags offer in terms of SEO. Google looks at the relevance of the keywords inside of the metatag to the content on the WebPages. Both the title and the description must be keyword rich and read naturally.

Create Quality Content

Creating quality content is not only an outstanding way to achieve a top ranking for certain keywords; it helps companies to establish authority in their respective niche markets. Additionally, unique, well-written content enables consumers to become more educated about the products and services businesses are offering and helps to build long-lasting professional relationships. Businesses that are viewed as an authority in their industry and have numerous business relationships can expect to see a major boost in profits.

Construct Quality Backlinks

Some people think that if they have tons of links leading back to their sites, they will have a higher ranking; however, this is not so. Search engines are looking for quality backlinks, ones that come from respectable sources and not link farms. Examples of ways for companies to create quality backlinks are to:

• Go on Yahoo Answers and provide detailed, quality answers to questions raised by people in their niche market and have a link leading back to the website in the resource box.
• Offer to write guest blog posts for blogs within that particular niche market, and be sure the blog posts are interesting and engaging to readers.
• Write press releases about exciting and newsworthy developments that take place within the companies and have a link within the press release leading back to their websites.
• Submit top-quality content to high-ranking directories, such as Ezine Articles.

These methods for creating quality backlinks are sure to help the search engines see that these business websites are offering value within their industries.

Exploit Social Media

It is important never to underestimate the power of social media networks. When people share websites with their friends, companies gain an even stronger presence within the search engines. Social network sites send authority signals to search engines concerning sites that receive the most exposure. Sites that are given immense recognition on social media sites tend to see a dramatic increase in their ranking.


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