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Hello folks! How have you been?  I hope things work well for all of you. I believed for me also! It is time again for a short update here and most of all,  it is time to go online shopping again! It is quite a long time I have not visit to an electronic shop. One reason is, I am always busy. Thanks to my laptop and the internet, I can always shop 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without driving anywhere. Online shopping is indeed very easy and convenient!


I have been deciding since last January whether I will buy another external hard drive or not. I already own some but since most of them are almost full now,  I finally decided to buy another one online.

Since I need more storage  for my travel photos, I ordered a 3 Terabyte  external  hard drive at Amazon. The  most reason is, I am traveling again and I wanted to clear my laptop and the other external hard drive which I always bring with me when I travel. It is has 1 terabyte  storage and only 50 Gigabytes are left for storing.  To be sure that I will not lost any travel  photos from this external storage, I finally decided last Friday to order another one online.  I wanted to delete some photo albums  and want to transfer it to the newly ordered external hard drive before  I hit  the road again.

How do I store safely  my travel pictures?

Everytime I travel, I always have my laptop and 1 TB external hard drive. After a day sightseeing and before going to sleep at the hotel room, I always make sure to download all the photos I took. I save it in my laptop (which has 1TB internal storage) and also to my 1TB external hard drive. I always  make it sure that all the photos I took during the day are stored properly and with back-up too. I already experienced when the SD or SDHC cards  got corrupted and all the photos were gone and cannot be recovered anymore. I know there are recovery software out there but most of the time, you also have to pay for it. I learned from that tragedy  and better save all those photos from time to time than sorry.

With the new 3TB external hard drive I have, I will surely have a lot of space in storing my travel photos and other important documents.  And yes, I ordered again another Intenso brand. I am quite satisfied with this gadget. It is already my second external hard drive from this brand name.

Do you love online shopping? What do you shop?

I am slowly hitting my sack now. Tomorrow is another working day! Cheers!


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