Modern Technology Help People’s Lives More Easy and Convenient

Technology is indeed very innovative. I was watching some news over the Television some months ago. It is about the Barcelona – Mobile World Congress 2015, The World’s Largest 3GSM Conference  and Exhibition. It started last March 3, 2015 and the event was really successful. This gathering was  very interesting,  knowing the innovation of technology especially about modern communication including  smartphones and the like.

I really found it very amazing   how our technology is improving. Sad to say, while technology improves, the  earth’s natural resources is slowly destroyed.  I hope people will realize on how to conserve energy and take care of planet earth for future generations. I have to admit, I am also taking part of destroying this planet. I love techniques, modern gadgets and electronics  but I always see to it  that I am buying it when needed. I am not really into buying  of what’s the latest. As long as my gadget is still working, then I am not buying another one. Besides,  I find it a waste of money.

Let me go back to  the main topic.  I am very thankful with the invention of  modern technology  of various kinds. From washing machine to television, oven, refrigerator, cameras, cars and many more, life has never been easier as before with all of these modern machines and equipments.

Most of all, I am thankful with the invention of computers and internet. With this technology, I can communicate with my families and friends around the world.  Communication is just with a click of a mouse or  a tap on your smartphones.

Thanks to the great brains who invented all these modern technologies that make our lives  more easy and comfortable!


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