Brand New or Used Car-What is the Best To Choose From?

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Happy holidays! Oooppps! I guess, I am too early for this but I have the reason to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season before I forgot to wish you all! Life is just so busy these days especially at work. I work at the Post Office and a lot of people have already been sending and receiving early Christmas presents. Did you already send or receive one?

I was talking today with a soldier and he told me that he wants to sell his old Mustang car built in 1965. He said that he needs a better car for his daughter. He also mentioned that it might be either a brand new car or a used one.

These are the tips I shared to him;

Why Brand New Car?

Driving a new car is really great. I had a good choice deciding to buy a new one for many purposes. I need a reliable new car since I use it in going to work everyday. I also use it in running errands, for grocery shopping, going to various appointments or maybe visiting a family or friends. More on that, we also use it for traveling.

It might not be the most expensive or luxurious car but it has serve its purpose very well. I am actually happy and contented with my car since the time I started driving it for over 6 years now. It did not turn us down. I am happy to have a freedom of mobility.

If you can just afford it, why not buy a brand new car?

Used Car Can Also Be a Good Choice

When I started working, I found it very difficult to always ask for colleagues to drive me to work and vice versa. I am always ashame asking them the same favor everyday,  although  I am also giving money for gasoline.

One day, I decided to buy a used car.  I have to consider that I still don’t have  enough budget to buy a new one.  I never feel the freedom since then.   I am more flexible and mobile.

When buying a car, we must also consider our finances. If  your budget it still not enough,  buying a used car can be the best choice.

If you need more tips about buying a car, is very easy to reach. With just a click of your mouse or a touch of your finger, you can already find many helpful tips and reviews in their website.


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