Time for A Spring Clean-Up!

Hello folks! How’s everyone doing out there? I hope everybody is safe. I am so saddened after hearing the attacks in one of my favorite  cities in Europe named Brussels. I am currently traveling and I am praying for my safe journey back home. More on that prayers and condolence to the families and friends of the  victims  during that tragic happenings.

I can’t wait to go home safe and whole. I am grateful that everything is doing well with me. There are just a lot of things to do at home especially cleaning for spring season. I will surely pull out waste containers, do all the dusting, scrubbing, throwing of garbage, garden work and what else?

There are always a lot of things to do at home and I will never get bored from doing all of them. I just wish, I have more time because since I started working full time, there are already a lot of things left undone at home. Wish me luck and happy spring season!


Jewelry is a Perfect Gift for Valentines Day

One of the most interesting celebration especially for lovers is almost here! For me, it is not only for lovers but also giving gifts for family and friends who are so dear to us. In some sleeps from now, the so-called “Hearts Day” will finally commence.

Are you still looking for a perfect present especially to a dear loveone? There are always a lot of choices considering the many advantages of shopping that we have now. There are also unique gifts that you can give this coming Valentines Day. (more…)


Wish To Watch a Concert or Opera

Another weekend is about to end in this side of the world where I live. And, yes, this is a cold world! Thanks goodness for the heater that makes me warm all day long especially when I am at home. For me, this is already a luxury and I am truly  thankful about it.

I just looked at the calendar thinking that this weekend is the last weekend of the month. I found out that January 2016 has five weekends. It sounds very interesting! I hope you had or currently enjoying your weekend. So far, I am doing okey. (more…)


Just Love Listening to Music While Doing Home Chores

Hello! How was your first days and weeks of the year of the monkey? I just looked at the calendar and I found out that the third weekend of the first month of 2016 is almost ending.   I hope everything is doing awesome to all of you guys! I am doing good so far, except that I was only very busy with so many things especially with the packing of “balikbayan boxes” that I will be sending to the Philippines. This full time job is also making me busy but I won’t complain about  it since I am loving the new job. (more…)


Watching Musical Show on Christmas Day

Merriest Christmas to all people in this planet! I wish everyone a wonderful celebration of the holiday season especially with you family, friends and love ones. As for me, I just had a simple noche buena or dinner last night and I am happy and satisfied with it. I wish, I celebrated it with family back in my home country where Christmas celebration is merrier and the best one!

I already went so late to bed last night. I guess, not too late but so very early in the morning. At past 2AM, I finally fall asleep. I watched a musical show on TV last night. It was very entertaining which caused me to go bed so late. I always love hearing songs and music and do always listen to it especially when I am doing home chores like cleaning, organizing or cooking. (more…)


Enjoying Family Gatherings with the Right Drinks

LV.12.23.2015.WWWAdd With the holiday season upon us, that means family gatherings and other functions in which alcohol will likely be involved. If you’re hosting one of these gatherings, it’s important to have the right mixer to make those drinks even more delicious and even healthful. If you want the absolute best mixers for alcohol at your next holiday gathering, then be sure to check out the vling store at http://vling-store.mybigcommerce.com/. This online and brick-and-mortar store offers a variety of drink mixers in four different yummy flavors, which are citrus, soda, cranberry pomegranate, and tonic. (more…)


Time to Slowly Clean the SD Cards

Vacation is over!  I am  at best when I am traveling somewhere out there. Sad to say, I am back to reality now and back to work again to save for future travels and some projects at home. There are a lot of things to be done both online and offline and I hope I can slowly accomplish them one at a time. I wish there are 48 hours a day but God knows the best to give us only 24 hours.

There is one thing I need to do  before weekend comes. I need to slowly clean and format  the SD cards I used in  my cameras from my recent travels. I actually started doing it but I am not done it.  To make it sure that I have all the images and photographs  saved in a secure place, I am not only saving it to an external hard drive but I am also backing it up to another external HD.  I wanted to make it sure that all the shots I took are in good hands. (more…)


It’s Time To Get Up To Speed On Industrial Work Place Safety

If you are currently employed as an industrial work place manager, or are the owner of such a site, you ought to be aware that the stability of the area under your control, as well as the safety of the workers who are employed at that location, are issues of primary concern. You will need to make use of the best, most advanced, and cost effective safety technology in order to meet the needs of your employees and guarantee the profitability and productivity of your company.

Using Safety Technology Will Limit The Instances Of Employee Lawsuits

There are many benefits to making use of state of the art safety technology at your work place. Perhaps the most immediate and important of these benefits is the simple fact that having the proper safety equipment in place at all times will cut down on the number of work place accidents, injuries, and fatalities. A sharp reduction in the number of such unfortunate incidents will bring with it a corresponding lack of law suits for wrongful death, injury, and employee compensation. (more…)


Wish to Learn To Play A Guitar

I had fun at work today. One of my co-worker who don’t speak and understand English asked me if I can help and teach her to  learn the language. She is German and she really wants to learn English. I told her, if she has the interest and the will to learn, she can surely do it. (more…)


How to Clean Your MacBook with the Movavi Mac Cleaner

Have you ever tried to clean your MacBook in the past? Assuming you’ve attempted to do so, you probably realize that trying to locate and eliminate unwanted files from your Mac is not half as easy as it sounds and can actually be a pretty painstaking process if done manually.


Rather than going through the hassle of trying to manually find all these files and delete them one by one, the easier option is to use the Movavi Mac Cleaner (http://www.movavi.com/mac-cleaner/). It is an intuitively easy to use software that will help you to clean your MacBook with minimal fuss. In fact – it should just take a couple of clicks for you to do just that. (more…)



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